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Kyosho RC Boat EP

Kyosho RC Boat EP

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40462ST2 SEAWIND w/KT-431S...

■Length: 998mm
■Width: 226mm
■Height: 1,850mm
■Weight: 3,100g
■R/C System: Syncro KT-431S, 2.4GHz, FHSS
■Sail Area: 39dm2
■Servo: Sail KS9071-20SW(waterproof)/ Rudder KS4031-06W

<Readyset Contents>
●Pre-colored fully assembled hull
●Syncro KT-431S 2.4GHz R/C system installed
●Folding wood boat stand
●Mast Assy
●Decal for Sail
●Painted Rudder, Keel & Ballast

<Required for operation >
●8 x AA sized batteies for transmitter/receiver (4 for transmitter, 4 for receiver)

Price SGD449.00 In Stock

40110T3 1/5 RC SURFER4...

■Length 660mm
■Width 160mm
■Height 325mm
■Weight 1,530g approx.
■Motor 550-class G14L motor with water-cooling jacket
■propeller Size D31 x P1.4 (polycarbonate)
■Maximum Speed 21km/h approx.
■Operation time 5 minutes 30 seconds approx.

< Kit Contents >
●Pre-colored surf board installed with R/C system, complete with linkages
●Complete pre-painted surfer figure
●KT-231P+2.4GHz 2ch pistol grip type transmitter
●7.2V-22HV NiMH battery
●Ni-MH battery dedicated delta peak USB charger
●Styrofoam slipway
●Spare ladder

< Required for Operation >
●AA batteries x 4 for transmitter

Price SGD321.98 In Stock

40211T2 WAVE CHOPPER 2.0...

■Length 595mm
■Width 220mm
■Height 350mm
■Weight 1,600g approx.
■Transmitter KT-231P+
■Servo KS4031-06W
■Motor 550-class G14L motor with water-cooling jacket
■Battery 7.2V-2200mAh NiMH
■Compatible battery size L148xW52xH30mm or less
■Charger Ni-MH battery dedicated USB charger
■Propeller D31xP1.4 (Polycarbonate)
■Maximum speed 24km/h approx.
■Operation time 5 min approx.

Price SGD362.36 In Stock

EP JETSTREAM600 Color Type2...

■Length 690mm (Hull 600mm)
■Width 178mm
■Height 145mm
■Weight 1,150g approx.
■Motor Water-cooled G20
■Speed Controller Waterproof KA060-91W
■R/C System Syncro Syncro KT-231P+
■Propeller D42×P1.4
■Servo Waterproof KS4031-06W

Price SGD301.79 In Stock