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GPW20 Steering Servo for...

Mini steering servo for the Hang On Racer. Bolt on ready. 150mm wire with JR type no flange connector housing. Screw and aluminum collar included.

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MXW006 Mini-Z 4x4 Stackable...

Rocky terrain for the MINI-Z 4x4. A set of 5 pieces of 480 x 480 x 103mm terrain. Making a square with four pieces and putting the 5th one on the center of the square will make a 960 x 960 x 156mm terrain, and you can enjoy wide variety of terrain by rotating each piece. Even larger terrain can be made using multiple sets.

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OTW141 HD Upper Deck...

CNC machined 2mm thick carbon upper deck. Achieves increased strength and weight reduction of approximately 5g compared to normal FRP products.

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OTH248Y 2.2 inch dish wheel...

A 2.2-inch rear wheel with an offset that matches the vintage buggy chassis.
Used when using 2.2 inch tires for each car.
38mm width.

<Compatible chassis> * 2.2 inch tires are required for each car.
No.30617 Optima
No.30618 Javelin
No.30619 Turbo Optima
No.30622 Optima Mid
No.30625 Ultima

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MAB074 USA-1 Non Decoration...

USA-1 clear body set with plastic parts. Compatible with 8th scale monster trucks. Includes chrome body parts, decals and masking sheet. Light buckets are compatible with LED optional headlights(97054 / headlights x 8 , Tail lights x 2 and fog lamp x 5). Wheelbase : 360mm / Body dimension : 539 x 206 x 142mm(Without side mirrors & fog lamps)

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R246-8522 2P Super Plug A...

A set of 5 male 24K gold-plated 2P plugs that have become a standard for electric power.
■ We adopt 24K gold plating plating.
■ A Type (male), 5 pieces.
■ Comes with shrink tube in each color of black and red.

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MZW124 X-SPEED MINI-Z Motor...

・ Motor checker body
・ Power cable with super plug ・
O-ring for fixing motor x2 (1 is spare)
・ Rotation adapter x2 (1 is spare)
・ Wiring cable with alligator clip for brush motor
・ Instruction instructions book

[Items that need to be purchased separately] -Battery
motor or brushless motor for minutes (measurement target)
-Battery with super plug from 5.5V to 7.4V (maximum voltage up to 8.4V)
  or MZW124-02 AC adapter (6V- 2A / For Japan)

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72012 SPEED HOUSE Multicell...

■ Input voltage USB Type-C 5-12V (Power supply with output 3A or more compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 and Power Delivery is recommended)
* Please purchase the charging adapter separately.
■ Body size 120x92x34 (mm)
■ Weight 195g
■ Number of charging 1-4
■ Compatible batteries NiMH, NiZn, Li-Ion, LiHV, LiFe AAA type (AAA), AA type (AA), 10440, 10500, 12500 , 13500, 13650, 14500, 14650, 16650, 17650, 17670, 18650, 18700, 20650, 20700, 21700, 22650, 26650, 26700 * Batteries longer than 70mm cannot be used

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37051B Le Mans 240S ESC...

Internal resistance: 0.0011Ω
Continuous maximum current: 60A
Instantaneous maximum current: 80A
Maximum KV value (2S): 13.5T 3200KV
Driving mode: Forward / brake / forward / brake / reverse
Input voltage: 7.2V-11.1V
Compatible motor type: Sensor & Sensorless
BEC output: 6V / 2A
size (mm): 37.5 x 30.8 x 18.7
Weight (g): Approximately 80

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IFW632 Carbon Rear Shock...

Carbon Rear shock tower for the MP10 / MP10 TKI2 / MP10e. Designed to use with MP10TKI2 long shocks. Light weight and durable carbon allows lower CG. The slightly more flex feel allows a different feel than the aluminum shock towers. A great setup option for various tracks.

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IFW631 Carbon Front Shock...

Carbon front shock tower for the MP10 / MP10 TKI2 / MP10e. Designed to use with MP10TKI2 long shocks. Light weight and durable carbon allows lower CG. The slightly more flex feel allows a different feel than the aluminum shock towers. A great setup option for various tracks

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FAB503 MAD VAN VE Non...

Can be mounted on the FAZER Mk2 series FZ02L-BT / FZ02L VE-BT chassis.
Body accessory parts with plated finish improve scale realism for body shell, protector parts protect the roof when turn over, polycarbonate rear spoiler, decals and masking sheets used for the ready set. Comes with decoration decals for customized body shell you wish. The LED light unit series (#97054) sold separately can be installed in the light buckets.
Finished body size: Approximately 378x154x135mm (excluding mirrors)

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FAW229 HD Ring Gear 41T

Heavy duty 41T ring gear for Mad Van VE. Increased durability compared to the stock sintered ring gear. Can be installed on 34411T1/T2 and 34412T1 with the use of FA540-12 and PNGS4822.
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Spare tires & white wheels for the Mad Van VE. By using with EZT001S, FA535-S20, FA535-76 and 1-S14018H, wheels can be equipped on the Rage 2.0 chassis(34411).

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Speed controller for 60A waterproof sensorless brushless motor. Cooling fan helps to protect the ESC from overheat and supply stable power. Input voltage : 2-3S LiPo (7.4-11.1V) or 6-9S NiMH battery (7.2-10.8V). Size : 48.5x38x32mm (including cooling fan) / Continuous maximum current : 60A / Peak current : 390A / Weight : 90g / Bec output : 6V/3A

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Sensorless brushless motor 4000kv (shaft diameter : 3.175mm) for 2S LiPo. The main body has a dustproof structure to avoid maintenance. Suitable for 1/10 On and Off-road cars. Weight : 205g

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