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R246-1360 V2 Aluminum Oil...

Newly developed V2 oil damper.
- Blue anodized cap combined with gunmetal anodized body with laser etched Route 246 logo
- Greatly reduced bounce force with thin rubber diaphragm and thin shock shaft

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MZW123 MINI-Z Case (With...

Handy multiuse case with a MINI-Z logo.
Comes with an internal tray with separating plates for flexible space arrangement.
It can also be used as a storage/protection box for an on-road type MINI-Z (see below for maximum dimensions).

Dimensions: approx. 201 x 108 x 52mm
Maximum MINI-Z size: approx. 187 x 95 x 48mm

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IFW501 Battery Spacer(For...

Optional parts for INFERNO MP10e. Battery spacer for short LiPo batteries.
It is getting popular to use the shorty LiPo batteries to 1/8 EP Buggy due to the improved performance. The battery can be changed the installing position in the battery holder to adjust a center of gravity and balance as well as making weight reduction. That are advantage to use with the shorty LiPo battery. When use the shorty battery to MP10e, it has same effect for car. It can also be used with vintage Scorpion, Beetle and Fazer series.

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EFW005 Carbon Suspension...

Carbon Front Suspension Arm for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Allows weight reduction and increased rigidity around front parts by replacing FRP upper and lower suspension arms, improves initial steering reaction.

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EFW004 Front Double...

Optional parts for the FANTOM EP 4WD. By replacing 6x15x5mm bearing for wheel shaft with 2pcs 6x10x3mm bearings, reduces shaft vibration and friction loss. Gold anodized finish Bearing Holder. 2 sets included.

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EFW003 SP Rear Wheel...

Clamp Type Rear Wheel Hub for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Lightweight gold anodized hub & collar set. Prevents damage to shaft due to core deviation and screws.

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EFW002 Carbon Gear...

Lightweight Carbon Rear Shaft for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Improves throttle response by lighter rotating parts. The screw part at tip of differential side is assembled with aluminum parts by factory. Recommended to use with EFW003.

Price SGD32.00 In Stock

EFW001G Wing(Gold/FANTOM...

Polycarbonate Wing with gold anodize Wing Holder for FANTOM EP 4WD. Improves rear tire grip by installing it, and stability of straight running and cornering at high speed range are also improved.

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82145 EP Starter Pack Plus

■Channels 3
■Frequency 2.4GHz
■Modulation System FHSS telemetry system
■Size Transmitter:W105mm x L175mm x H230mm
Receiver:W37.9mm x L22.5mm x H13mm 
■Weight  Transmitter:390g / Receiver:5.7g
■ESC Power Source 2-3S Li-Po/5-9cellNi-Mh
■ESC Continuous current 60A
■Range 100m

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82005 KT-531P Transmitter

Spare part for MINI-Z RWD series & FWD series.
Features steering / throttle trim as well as dual rate adjustment of steering angle
and control the flashing speed of optional LEDs.
The sponge grip of the steering wheel provides comfortable fit for precision control feel.
In addition, the transmitter has a Training Mode feature which limits speed
of the car for easy learning.
(default setting at the time of shipment is Training Mode)

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82136 Syncro Touch KT-432PT

■ Number of channels 4 channels
■ Weight 398g
■ Power supply 4 AA alkaline batteries
■ Compatible model Car & boat
■ RF range 2.405-2.475GHz
■ 2.4GHz system FHS (MINI-Z) / FHSS 1Way (KR-331) / FHSS 2Way (KR-431T)
■ Low voltage warning 3.7V or less
■ Steering range 66 ° (45 ° left and right)
■ Throttle range 45 ° (front and rear angle 30 °)
■ Certification CE0678.FCC

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MA354 Diff.Housing(MAD...

Spare parts for the MAD CRUSHER / FO-XX. Updated version of MA002. Cannot be used with MA004F / MA004R. Must use together with MA353 and MA355/MA356.

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IF625S HD Front Lower...

Setting parts for INFERNO MP10.
The rigidity and strength of the front arm have been improved by adding ribs and changing the wall thickness.

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