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30622 OPTIMA MID 1/10 EP...

Mid Year Sales - Limited Set come with bonus Turbo Optima Mid Sticker and Wing

■Length 375mm
■Width 244mm
■Height 142mm
■Wheelbase 255mm
■Tread (F/R) 208mm
■Weight approx1,600g(with 7.2V4000 LiPo)
■Tires (F/R) φ82×36mm
■Motor 540 class size (sold separately)
■Gear ratio 8.28:1

<Kit Contents>
●Kit chassis
●Wheel (white)
●Clear body
●Wing (white)
●Mask sheet
●hexagon wrench
●Cross wrench
●Shock wrench
●Shock oil

<Required for Operation>
●2 channel R/C system
●210mm Sensor cable
●Battery for chassis(7.4V Ni-MH battery or 7.4V Li-Po battery)
●Charger for battery for chassis
●Batteries for transmitter

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30635 1/12 FANTOM EP 4WD...

■Length 345mm
■Width 172mm
■Height 83mm
■Chassis type Chain drive4WD
■Wheelbase 199-200mm(Adjustable)
■Front tread 135mm
■Rear tread 133mm 
■Weight approx.1,500g(with GAB4201)
■Motor 540class(both sold separately)
■1st gear ratio 3.38:1
■Front tire diameter φ48
■Rear tire diameter φ53
■Front tire width 23mm
■Rear tire width 35mm
■Used propo 2~3ch 2servo
■※Maximum Speed 約55km/h (with Le Mans480T BL)
■※Driving Time approx.23minutes(with Le Mans480T BL)

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30625 1/10 EP 2WD KIT Ultima

■Length: 370mm
■Width: 244mm
■Height: 106mm
■Wheelbase: 260-263mm
■Tread (F/R): 206mm / 208mm
■Tire(F/R): 75f x 20mm / 82f x 36mm
■Gear Ratio: 8.64:1
■Weight: approx. 1,500g
■Motor: 540 class size

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■Length      395mm
■Width       244mm
■Height      120mm
■Wheelbase   260mm
■Front Tread  208mm
■Rear Tread   208mm
■Weight      1,600g (approx.)
■Tires (F/R)  φ82×36mm
■Motor       540 class size (sold separately)
■Gear ratio    9.24 : 1

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30618 Kyosho JAVELIN 1/10...

■Length 403mm
■Width 240mm
■Height 130mm
■Wheelbase 260mm
■Front Tread 204mm
■Rear Tread 204mm
■Weight 1,700g (approx.)
■Tires (F & R) φ86×40mm
■Motor 540 Class size(sold separately)
■Gear Ratio 9.24:1

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30613 Kyosho SCORPION 2014...

■Length 398mm 
■Width 236mm 
■Height 145mm 
■Wheelbase 263mm 
■Tread (F/R) 198mm /195mm 
■Tire(F/R) 75×20mm / 85×41mm 
■Gear Ratio H setting 6.9:1 L setting 8.3:1 (2 combinations included) 
■Weight 985g approx.(w/out R/C system & battery) 
■Motor 540-class

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30614 Kyosho BEETLE 2014...

■Length 398mm 
■Width 236mm 
■Height 165mm 
■Wheelbase 263mm 
■Tread (F/R) 198mm / 195mm 
■Tire(F/R) 75×20mm / 85×41mm 
■Gear Ratio H setting 6.9:1 L setting 8.3:1 (2 combinations included) 
■Weight 1,040g approx. (w/out R/C system & battery) 
■Motor 540-class (sold separately)

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30615 Kyosho Tomahawk 1/10...

■Length 380mm 
■Width 236mm 
■Height 145mm 
■Wheelbase 263mm 
■Tread (F/R) 198mm / 195mm 
■Tire(F/R) F75 x 20mm / F85 x 41mm 
■Gear Ratio H- 6.9:1, L- 8.3:1 
■Weight 905g (approx.) (without R/C radio and batteries) 
■Motor 540 class

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30616 Kyosho TURBO SCORPION...

■Length 408mm 
■Width 256mm 
■Height 145mm 
■Wheelbase 273mm 
■Tread (F/R) 218mm/215mm 
■Tire(F/R) Φ82×27mm / Φ86×42mm 
■Gear Ratio 6.9 : 1 / 8.3 : 1 (select from 2-type) 
■Weight 1,500g (approx.) 
■Motor 540-type (sold separately)

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30617 Kyosho OPTIMA 1/10 EP...

■Length: 395mm 
■Width: 240mm 
■Height: 120mm 
■Ground Clearance: 36mm 
■Wheelbase: 260mm 
■Tread (F/R): 204mm / 204mm 
■Tire(F/R): 86f x 40mm / 86f x 40mm 
■Gear Ratio: 9.24:1 
■Weight: approx. 1,600g 
■Motor: 540 class size 
■Battery: Ni-MH / Li-PO ?Li-PO: Standard Size / short size 
■R/C System: 2 channel, 1-servo, ESC

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