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97054-2B LED light unit (Φ5...

A type of LED light unit that takes power from the receiver.
Lineup of 2 lights / 4 lights and clear / red. LED can be added by connecting to the attached connector.

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FAW221 ST Ball in out Tool...

Optional parts for the Fazer MK2 and the FZ02. Convenient tool when installing and removing front hub ball. The ball can be installed straight by tightening the cap screw without damaging the ball, as well as easy removing. Also useful when changing from nylon ball to optional the FAW218 HD ST ball.

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FAW220 High Mount Wing...

Optional parts for Fazer MK2 FZ02L-B (Rage 2.0). Adapter for attaching the OT252 wing. When installs the wing, improves stability at high speed running.

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FAW202 TC Universal Swing...

Optional parts for the Fazer MK2 Touring cars. Universal Swing shafts to replace the Swing shafts. Protects faling off the shafts when crash and improves drive efficiency.

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FAW225 TC Aluminum Shock Set

Aluminum shock set for Fazer MK2 TC chassis. 
Includes 2pcs soft springs of #FAW224. 
Allows a stable damping force than plastic shocks and fine setting is available with smooth function.
Dial type of height adjustment applys for various range of road surface conditions.

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