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34425T1 1/10 Scale Radio...

■Length 450mm
■Width 195mm(Body width:196mm)
■Height 136mm
■Chassis Height 8mm(approx.)
■Wheelbase 260mm
■Tread (F/R)  167mm
■Tires (F/R)  φ64×27.7mm
■Gear Ratio 6.54:1
■Weight  1650g (approx.)
■R/C system &; Syncro KT-231P+
■Motor G14L

<Kit Contents>
●Completed chassis with R/C radio installed
●Factory assembled body complete with color scheme
●Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
●Hexagonal wrench
●Setting change parts

<Required for Operation>
●4 x AA batteries for transmitter
●Battery for chassis (recommended: 7.2V Ni-MH battery)
●Charger for battery for chassis

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30622 OPTIMA MID 1/10 EP...

■Length 375mm
■Width 244mm
■Height 142mm
■Wheelbase 255mm
■Tread (F/R) 208mm
■Weight approx1,600g(with 7.2V4000 LiPo)
■Tires (F/R) φ82×36mm
■Motor 540 class size (sold separately)
■Gear ratio 8.28:1

<Kit Contents>
●Kit chassis
●Wheel (white)
●Clear body
●Wing (white)
●Mask sheet
●hexagon wrench
●Cross wrench
●Shock wrench
●Shock oil

<Required for Operation>
●2 channel R/C system
●210mm Sensor cable
●Battery for chassis(7.4V Ni-MH battery or 7.4V Li-Po battery)
●Charger for battery for chassis
●Batteries for transmitter

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40110T3 1/5 RC SURFER4...

■Length 660mm
■Width 160mm
■Height 325mm
■Weight 1,530g approx.
■Motor 550-class G14L motor with water-cooling jacket
■propeller Size D31 x P1.4 (polycarbonate)
■Maximum Speed 21km/h approx.
■Operation time 5 minutes 30 seconds approx.

< Kit Contents >
●Pre-colored surf board installed with R/C system, complete with linkages
●Complete pre-painted surfer figure
●KT-231P+2.4GHz 2ch pistol grip type transmitter
●7.2V-22HV NiMH battery
●Ni-MH battery dedicated delta peak USB charger
●Styrofoam slipway
●Spare ladder

< Required for Operation >
●AA batteries x 4 for transmitter

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32799 MINI-Z Racer MR-03EVO...

■Length  123.5mm
■Width   70~76mm
■Height  35mm
■Motor Mount MM
■Wheelbase   98.0mm (LL)
■Tread F:61.5~65.0mm/R:61.5~65.0mm
■Tires (F/R) φ25×8.5mm (sold separately)/φ25×8.5〜11mm (sold separately)
■Gear Ratio  7.3、6.3、5.5、4.9:1
■Weight 135g (Body / tires / wheels not included, battery included.)

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34471T1 Toyota Supra (A80)...

■Length 455mm
■Width(Body width) 200mm(210mm)
■Height 120mm
■Wheelbase 260mm
■Tread (F/R) F:174mm/R:174mm
■Tires (F/R) F:φ64×24.2mm/R:φ64×24.2mm
■Gear Ratio 6.54:1
■Weight 1650g(approx.)
■Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
■Motor G14L

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11257R CALMATO Alpha 40...

■Length 1400mm
■Width 1600mm
■Weight EP/2,550g (approx.), GP/2,450g (approx.)
■Motor 600-1000W BL Motor (sold separately)
■Engine 2 Cycle 40-46 class engine (sold separately)
■Battery (EP) 14.8V-4,000-5,000mAh Li-Po battery (sold separately)
■Main Wing Area 44dm2
■Wing Loading 55.7-55.9g/dm2
■Airfoil Original semi-symmetrical
■Propeller size D11 x P7-D12 x P8 (sold separately)
■Tire size Nose 60mm / Main 60mm
■Dihedral 2.5°
■Side Thrust 2°
■R/C system (EP) 4ch, 4 servo, 1 ESC (sold separately)
■R/C system (GP) 4ch, 5 servo (sold separately)

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Small bag ideal for transporting a MINI-Z Readyset, tools and parts.
Padded dividers, pockets and rubber bands help keep things organized.
Embroidered with cool MINI-Z logos.

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