32143BL SUBARU WRX STI WR AWD Sports Kyosho Radio Controlled Electric Powered Touring car MINI-Z MA-020S


■Length 164.0 - 165.0mm 
■Width 68.0 - 70.5mm 
■Height 45.0 - 48.0mm 
■Wheelbase 90mm (M) 
■Tread (F/R) 56.5 - 58.5 / 56.5 - 58.5mm 
■Tire (F/R) F8.5mm / R8.5mm (drift tires) 
■Gear Ratio 7.23, 6.38, 6.0, 5.71, 5.34, 4.97, 4.5:1 
■Weight (approx.)  192g 
■Motor 130 class

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Drift tires and a Readyset package! The MA-020S AWD Sports has arrived!
Advanced 020 model chassis with gyro-ready circuit board !
To bring its dynamic performance to even more drivers, the MINI-Z AWD Sports is now available in a Readyset. The latest MA-020 chassis features VCS (variable camber suspension) on the front that optimizes camber change with suspension stroke and a specially designed circuit board. The chassis design allows space for installing the special Sports version gyro (sold separately) and adjustment of gyro gain (sensitivity). The gyro can be adjusted on the chassis to reflect the amount of steering correction in response to changes in chassis posture, allowing beginners through to experts to drive to their full potential. Fully fitted out with precision ball bearings, the high drive efficiency of the MA-020 chassis is complimented in the Readyset by the unique scale body and 2.4GHz Perfex KT-19 R/C system that requires no frequency band setting; all at a great value price. Simply set the batteries to enjoy the thrill of drift driving with the included set of drift tires. The chassis is compatible with nearly all ASC MINI-Z bodies (additional parts maybe required for some body styles). The MINI-Z AWD Sports promises a unique world of dramatic racing action for you to experience and enjoy.

Includes the 2.4 GHz Perfex KT-19 transmitter that automatically manages frequency bands. Just set the batteries and the Readyset is ready for operation.

Special AWD Sports chassis is based on the MA-02 chassis and features the RA31/MD208 unit.

Features VCS front suspension that optimizes camber change in concert with suspension stroke. Replacement of front suspension coil springs is easy with no tools required.

Equipped with strut-type rear suspension.

Full bearing specifications include 14 ball bearings.

Equipped with drift tires as standard.

Sports version is designed with special mounting space for gyro (MZW431/sold separately) and gyro adjustment volume.


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