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PLE8231-02 Blockade 2.2 ''...

This is a pair of Blockade Buggy Rear Tires. Pro-Line is bringing the incredibly successful 1/8 Buggy Blockade tire to 1/10 Buggy! If you find yourself racing in loose, dusty or hard-packed conditions with your 1/10 Buggy - you NEED a set of Blockades! The Revolutionary tread design features large lugs for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and uniquely blended side tread that reduces the edginess found in other race tires. This tire will give your buggy qualifying speed with tread life capable of outlasting the competition. Pro-Line's Blockade is the new must-have 1/10 Buggy Race tire and will dominate your local track. The Blockade - The latest way that Pro-Line is Racing to Bring You The Best!

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1 SUPER VORTEX Generation 2

●Compatible with Programming box
●Full Aluminum Case (Black Alumite Treatment)
●New Function Compatible with Code 10 for M12S & EXZES ZZ
●Cooling Duct improves heat dissipation
●Improved Telemetry Function
●Compatible with update of software by programming box

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MZW429R LED Light Clear &...

LED light unit set equipped with two white LEDs on the front and two red LEDs on the rear.

Compatible with the following models:
- MINI-Z AWD (with KT-531P transmitter)
- MINI-Z 4x4
- MINI-Z Buggy (with KT-531P transmitter)
- MINI-Z Buggy VE (FHSS)
- MINI-Z Sports series

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32334GM Chevrolet Corvette...

■Length 168.0mm
■Width 79.0mm
■Height 46.5mm
■Wheelbase 98.0mm (LL)
■Tread F:65.5mm R:65.0mm
■Chassis RWD(MR-03)
■Motor Mount MM
■Front Wheel Offset Narrow +2.0mm(for RWD)
■Rear Wheel Offset Wide +3.0mm(for RWD)
■R/C System Syncro KT-531P

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33021 INFERNO MP9 TKI4 V2...

■Length 490mm
■Width 307mm
■Height 180mm
■Ground Clearance 28mm
■Wheelbase 325mm (4 settings available by changing rear hub collar position)
■Tread (F/R) 254mm (2 front settings and 3 rear settings available by changing bushes)
■Tire (F/R) φ116 x 44mm
■Gear Ratio 11.7:1
■Weight 3,370g approx.
■Engine KE21SP (recoil starter installed/rear exhaust)

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32521GM MINI-Z 4×4 JeepⓇ...

■Length 197.3mm
■Width 87.3mm
■Height 89.1mm
■Chassis Type MX-01
■Wheel Base 120mm
■Tread F/R:72.7mm
■Weight 234g (excl. battery)
■Motor/Engine 130 Class
■Gear Ratio 55.44:1/46.20:1/39.60:1
■Front Tire Diameter Φ42.0mm
■Rear Tire Diameter Φ42.0mm
■Front Tire Width 14.3mm
■Rear Tire Width 14.3mm
■Battery 4 x AAA Alkaline
■Transmitter Syncro KT-531P
■Speed:Approx. 2.7km/h〜5.4km/h  (Pinion gears 10T〜 20T)
■Running Time Approx. 60 mins

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  • For: 190mm Touring Cars
  • Clear Body
  • Material: Lexan
  • Conforms to all the Global Body Spec criteria
  • Paint-then-Peel protective film
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32091EGBK MINI-Z Buggy...

■Length  167mm
■Width  106mm
■Height  68mm
■Wheelbase 115mm
■Tread (F/R) 89mm/89mm
■Tire(F/R) F37 x 13.5mm/F37 x 18.5mm
■Weight  200g (approx.)
■Motor  130 class
■Battery AAA alkaline x 4
■R/C System KT-531P FHSS 2.4 GHz

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■Length 161.0mm
■Width 72.0mm
■Height 52.0mm
■Wheelbase 94.0mm(L)
■Tread F : 61.5mm R : 59.0mm
■Chassis MA-020-N
■Front Wheel Offset Narrow +2.5mm
■Front Wheel Offset Wide +-0.0mm
■R/C System Syncro KT-531P

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SEAX12B EP EDGE 540...

Thank you for choosing the EDGE 540 ARTF by SEAGULL EP. The EDGE 540 was designed
with the intermediate/advanced sport flyer in mind. It is a semi scale airplane which is easy to fly
and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa, plywood to make it stronger
than the average ARTF , yet the design allows the aeroplane to be kept light. You will find that most
of the work has been done for you already.Flying the EDGE 540is simply a joy.

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32523IV MINI-Z 4×4 Series...

■Length 193mm
■Width 84mm
■Height 90.0mm
■Chassis Type MX-01
■Wheel Base 120mm
■Tread F/R:72.7mm
■Weight 242g (excl. battery)
■Motor/Engine 130 Class
■Gear Ratio 55.44:1/46.20:1/39.60:1
■Front Tire Diameter Φ37.0mm
■Rear Tire Diameter Φ37.0mm
■Front Tire Width 12mm
■Rear Tire Width 12mm
■Battery 4 x AAA Alkaline
■Transmitter Syncro KT-531P
■Speed:Approx. 2.7km/h〜5.4km/h  (Pinion gears 10T〜 20T)
■Running Time Approx. 60 mins

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34491T1 MAD VAN VE 1:10...

■Length 460mm
■Width 323mm
■Height 197mm
■Wheelbase 274mm
■Tread (F/R) F:250mm/R:250mm
■Tires (F/R) F:φ110×70mm/R:φ110×70mm
■Gear Ratio 11.803:1
■Weight  2180g (approx.)
■R/C system   Syncro KT-231P+
■Motor TORX10E (3652 kv4000)

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32338BLY MINI-Z RWD...

Overall length 177mm 
■ Overall width 78mm

■ Overall height 47.5mm
■ Overall weight 130g
■ Wheel base
98mm (LL) ■ Tread F: 67.5mm R: 65.0mm
■ Used chassis RWD (MR-03)
■ Motor mount MM
■ Front wheel offset narrow + 3.0mm (for RWD)
■ Rear wheel offset wide + 3.0mm (for RWD)
■ Used radio Syncro KT-531P

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2014 Dodge Dart Regular...
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2014 Dodge Dart Regular...

  • Available in Genuine .025" or .030" Lexan®
  • Stable, neutral handling
  • Bold Dodge® Dart styling
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
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Small bag ideal for transporting a MINI-Z Readyset, tools and parts.
Padded dividers, pockets and rubber bands help keep things organized.
Embroidered with cool MINI-Z logos.

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LRP430405 ANTIX BY LRP 5200...


Nominal voltage7.6V / 11.4V / 15.2V
Balancing connectorXH
Application1/10 On/Offroad
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EFW003 SP Rear Wheel...

Clamp Type Rear Wheel Hub for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Lightweight gold anodized hub & collar set. Prevents damage to shaft due to core deviation and screws.

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30936 Kyosho INFERNO GT2 VE...
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30936 Kyosho INFERNO GT2 VE...

■Length 515mm
■Width 310mm
■Height 135mm
■Wheelbase 360mm
■Tread (F/R) 262/265mm
■Tire(F/R) Φ97×48mm / Φ97×48mm
■Gear Ratio 8.47:1
■Weight 3800g(with body)
■Motor Orion Vortex 8 brushless

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Sanwa M17 with RX493 2.4GHz...

World Fastest Response!!
(NEW Record)

Light Weight!!

High Rigidity!!

■Ultra Response Mode (SUR) New Transmitter system "FH5" makes new record of the World Fastest Response.
■Color Display and Touch Panel are easy to control.
■Light weight (about 510g) and high rigidity than M12S
■Steering and Throttle Position Optimization and Steering Swing Adjust Function
■Detachable Throttle Unit is available to change spring by drivers (World First)

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MDW017 Front Oneway...

Absorbs difference in front and rear tire rotation even through small corners to realize ultra-smooth cornering. Suitable for technical courses where quick handling is required.

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