EP JETSTREAM600 Color Type2 readyset KT-231P 40132T2


■Length 690mm (Hull 600mm)
■Width 178mm
■Height 145mm
■Weight 1,150g approx.
■Motor Water-cooled G20
■Speed Controller Waterproof KA060-91W
■R/C System Syncro Syncro KT-231P+
■Propeller D42×P1.4
■Servo Waterproof KS4031-06W

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Automatically rights itself, even after capsizing! Unique lower hull design produces exceptional planing! Real racing performance in an easy to use 2.4GHz Readyset!!

The W-step and deep V combine in a unique lower hull design to deliver true racing boat performance from its moderate 690mm length. Kyosho’s long history of accumulated boat design know-how has been concentrated in the advanced EP Jet stream 600. Waterproof ESC electronic speed controller and servo, and a receiver with waterproof coated circuit board are contained within a waterproof radio box so you can be aggressive in attacking on-water courses. Furthermore, if capsized, the structure uses the change in center of gravity from water entering the ballast room to automatically right itself. For total peace of mind, the ESC electronic speed controller is also equipped with a unique power cut-off program that returns the throttle to neutral if power drops below a safe level. Throttle can be applied again so the boat can be easily recovered. With its slight propeller angle, the straight stern tube and water-cooled G20 motor combine for exhilarating acceleration. High planing efficiency of the W-stepped hull combines with turning performance and durability of the deep V to produce amazing high-speed cruising. In addition to the unsinkable hull, the Jet Stream is equipped with flip-up rudder, stainless steel flaps and turn fin. All this performance technology is packaged into a user-friendly Readyset. Simply add batteries (sold separately) to the transmitter and charge the battery (sold separately) for the motor, and the excitement of pure racing boat performance is ready to leave everything in its wake./p>

●Readyset including 2.4GHz radio system realizes great value.
●Unique W stepped V-shaped lower hull realizes high durability, excellent acceleration and stable turning performance.
●Equipped with powerful G20 water-cooled motor.
●Left and right flaps can be adjusted independently to produce improved high-speed running stability.
●Features a turn fin that delivers stable turning.

Unique hull design positions the center of gravity near the swept-forward angle of two-stepped V + deep V so the C of G moves with the point of water contact in accordance with the bank angle for superior high-speed performance and stability.
Tightly sealed waterproof radio box, battery room and motor room reliably prevent water getting in.
Turn fin reduces drift and increases turning stability, and trim tabs that allow adjustment of the hull’s running posture.
2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ R/C system requires no frequency band control and is ready to function as soon as the power is switched on.
Large 60A capacity waterproof KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE KA060-91W speed controller with reverse function manages the performance of the water-cooled G20 motor.
Pre-installed G20 motor with water-cooled jacket. Accelerates brilliantly from the start and minimizes energy loss.
Thrust line created by the straight stern tube with slight exit angle delivers the high efficiency thrust.

<Readyset Contents>
●Fully assembled hull complete with coloring
●Pre-installed 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter 2ch 1-servo 1 speed controller R/C system
●7.2V-2200mAh Ni-MH
●USB Battery charger
●Styrene boat stand
●Waterproof tape
●Hex wrench(1.5&2.5)

< Required for Operation >
●AA-size alkaline batteries X 4 for transmitter

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