33101 Nitro Tracker Kyosho 1/10 Scale Radio Controlled .15 Engine Powered 4WD QRC Series Readyset


■Length 418.5mm 
■Width 321mm 
■Height 194mm 
■Weight 2,650g(approx.)
■Wheelbase 298.5mm 
■Tread (F/R) 265mm
■Tires (F/R interchangeable) φ120×56mm
■Gear Ratio Forward (1st) 20.9:1 / (2nd) 13.9:1 
                        Reverse (1st) 24.1:1 / (2nd) 16.0:1 
■Engine KE15SP with recoil

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QRC + 2-speed automatic transmission delivers mind-blowing performance! Engine-powered R/C car recreates the feeling of driving a real car.

With the rock-solid running stability of a big tire machine with wide tread, the nearly square dimensions of the Nitro Tracker produces incredible driving capability. Take this 1/10 scale off-road truck anywhere you like to enjoy the advanced high-performance mechanics of this real engine-powered R/C car, such as the QRC (Quick Reverse Clutch) that enables forward, neutral and reverse operation. The 3rd channel on the KT-231P+ transmitter operates a servo to shift the gears on the QRC to change the drive gears between Forward-Neutral-Reverse, just like a real automobile. The pre-installed powerful KE15SP engine combines with the maintenance-friendly radio box and fuel pump that sends fuel efficiently to the carburetor from the fuel tank and engine-stop lever that safely brings the engine to a stop. With this Readyset, all you need is fuel, engine starting tools, and batteries to experience the dynamic realistic performance of the awesome Nitro Tracker!.

●Readyset features pre-assembled 4WD chassis with shaft-driven 4 bevel gear diffs on front and rear and finished body set.
●3rd channel operates the QRC system (Quick Reverse Clutch) to control forward, neutral and reverse.
●2-speed transmission with adjustable shift timing makes maximum use of the KE15SP engine’s power band.
●One-piece stiffener and radio box increases chassis rigidity and provides dustproof cover for receiver and battery.
●Includes waterproof KS4031-06W servos for steering, throttle and shift change.
●Double wishbone suspension with adjustable camber and toe angle.
●Body post height can be adjusted in 2mm increments..

Nitro Tracker features an aluminum flat pan chassis mounted with advanced components, including the double wishbone suspension system with adjustable camber and toe, proven on other Kyosho models. QRC mechanism is mounted behind the fuel tank.

The uncomplicated design of the QRC system incorporates 5 gears, shaft and arm to operate the clutch and provides control of forward, neutral and reverse. Shift into reverse to avoid immoveable obstacles in your path.

Includes the 2.4GHz Syncro KT+231P+ transmitter that automatically manages frequency bands. A switch that operates the 3rd channel is located above the grip to shift between forward-neutral-reverse (switch position: highest=FWD, middle=Neutral, lowest=REV).

Includes KE15SP engine fitted with recoil starter for easy starting and delivers stable idling and easy operation, even for beginners.

Fuel tank is equipped with pump that sends fuel efficiently to the carburetor with 2-3 pushes of the pump button. Engine is also equipped with stop lever that stops the engine safely.

Radio box is dustproof to minimize mechanical trouble even under the harshest off-road conditions and also features maintenance-friendly front & rear stiffeners. Pilot light indicates when power is ON so you won’t forget to switch power OFF when not in use.

Machined aluminum oil shocks provide superior shock absorption for excellent running stability over rough surfaces. Dial adjustment of chassis height allows setting changes to suit any conditions.

Pickup truck body is pre-cut and printed in true American muscle style, matched by large diameter wheels and tires.

Newly designed 1/10 scale block pattern φ120mm x 56mm tires produce awesome performance on any surface. Intimidating black wheels add the finishing touch to this mighty machine.

<Ready set contents>
●Completed chassis with R/C radio installed
●Transmitter (KT-231P +)
●Binding stick
●Hex wrench(1.5mm / 2mm / 2.5mm)
●Cross wrench (large)
●Instruction manual
●2 nylon straps (for fixing air cleaner)

<Required for Operation>
●Glow fuel
●8 x AA batteries for transmitters and receivers
●Starting tool (fuel pump, plug heater)


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