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37033 Le Mans 480T Brushless Motor 21.5T (with 480S Parts)


Size: 35.8x51.2mm
Shaft size: 3.175x17mm
Weight: Approximately 180g
Number of turns: 21.5T
Operating voltage: Max 12.8V (2 to 3S LiPo compatible)
kv value: 1950 (rpm / V)
Maximum rotation speed (at 7.4V) : 14430rpm
Maximum current: 30A
Maximum output: 260W
Maximum efficiency: 91%

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The image of the Le Mans 480T & S motor is completely reproduced with a brushless motor.

Along with the Phantom EP 4WD, a brushless motor that inherits the image of the Le Mans 480 T & S motor that drove the RC car boom of the 1983s is now available! By rearranging the attached aluminum parts and label, it is possible to convert from green 480T (torque type at that time) to blue 480S (speed type at that time)!

● You can enjoy the atmosphere of the time with your favorite specifications.
● Only the appearance can be changed and the performance does not change.


By extending the shaft length by 2 mm and making it a long shaft specification that is optimal for Phantom EP 4WD, you can use a normal size 48 pitch pinion gear, and the setting range of the gear ratio will expand.


Includes blue anodized front plate, end bell and label. The appearance can be changed to 480S by removing 6 screws and rearranging. Two types of labels for the Le Mans 240S ESC are also included. Coordination with the motor is possible.


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