82151-11 FLYSKY FS-RM005 Module (Mini-Z/FHSS) for Futaba 4PM Plus



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Pilot the MINI-Z with the high-end radio Noble NB4 or Futaba 4PM Plus.

By using this module in combination with the Noble NB4 transmitter, it is possible to control the MINI-Z RWD/AWD/FWD/Buggy/4x4 readyset series with KT-531P transmitters and the MINI-Z EVO receiver unit (No. 82041) can be operated with the MINI-Z EVO series (MR-03EVO/MA-030EVO). It is necessary to insert this module into the slot in the Noble NB4 grip, download the compatible firmware (Ver.2.0.97), and update the transmitter.

When using the firmware ( Ver.2.0.97 ) in combination with the MINI-Z EVO receiver unit (No.82151-03), it is necessary to update the receiver on the transmitter side. Follow the steps below to update your receiver.

1. Select radio frequency settings from model memory
2. Select Mini-Z (EVO) after selecting RF Std. menu
3. Select receiver update from RX settings
4. Press the update icon displayed in the center , then press the OK icon.
5. When the updating (0%) screen is displayed, turn on the power while pressing the bind button of the chassis with the receiver unit (82151-03) installed and wait for a while. Release the bind button when the blinking speed of the LED on the receiver unit changes.
6. Check that the display on the transmitter side is updated (100%) and that the update is complete.
7. Press the back button and select Bind Set to complete the binding.

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