TZ005 "Flying Doraemon"


●Body size: φ110 (including rotor) x H89 (mm)
●"Doraemon" body size: W48.8 x H58 x D39.3 (without rotor) (mm)
●Body weight: 19g
●Transmitter size: W116 x H89 x D36 (mm)
Package size: W185 x H245 x D118 (mm)
Target age: 10 years old and over

● "Flying Doraemon" body
● Transmitter
● Instruction manual
● USB cable
● Spare parts Rotor (1 set)
● Paper display stand


"Flying Doraemon" that flies freely around the room appears! !

This time, "Flying Doraemon", which can be enjoyed by both children and adults, has been finished as a very nice item that will heal you with its cuteness.

-A new product with high expectations from the toy helicopter category! Everyone's favorite "Doraemon" is now on sale as a toy helicopter!
●Equipped with "gyro sensor & altitude sensor" with 2ch simple operation. Super stable flight! Equipped with a slow-moving forward function, even first-timers can enjoy an "aerial walk"!
●When you press the "automatic altitude ascent button" on the lower side of the cross button on the transmitter, it will land "softly".
●With band switching, you can fly 3 units at the same time! Simultaneous play with siblings, parents and children, and friends is possible!
-The main body has a cute pose [Doraemon]! The material is ABS. The transmitter enlivens the world view with "Doraemon" color!
● Please charge from the USB-AC tap (sold separately).


The controller of "Doraemon" color is 2ch, and it is simple to operate up and down. Also, if you press the "automatic altitude increase button" on the lower side of the cross button on the transmitter, it will land "softly". The point is to perform the stick operation delicately so as not to plunge. Try to find a "stick point" that flies well at just the right height.



Equipped with a "gyro sensor" and a new "altitude sensor" to achieve stable flight. In addition, even first-timers can enjoy "walking in the air" with the slow-moving function.



The propeller rotates and you can freely fly around the room.



The main unit has a built-in lipo battery, and the charging time is about 45 minutes. You can enjoy a flight of about 6 minutes continuously. When you're done playing, by all means, put "Sky Flying Doraemon" and the controller together on the special paper display and decorate it in your room.



The cute "Flying Doraemon" looks great in photos and videos!

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