OS21XRBIIIC O.S. MAX-21XR-B V3 Buggy Combo Set with TB02 (T-2090SC) Tune Pipe

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O.S.MAX-21XR-B V3 Buggy Engine

Birth of a sports model that inherits the racing mindset of O.S.SPEED!

While maintaining the excellent power characteristics and ease of handling on the circuit, each part has been brushed up! The new engine "MAX-21XR-B Ver.Ⅲ" with the ultimate sports performance, which is transplanted with the DNA of O.S.SPEED cultivated in the race.

Combo Set
The MAX-21XR-B Ver.Ⅲ Buggy Combo Set includes: TB02 EFRA2089 (T-2090SC) Exhaust Pipe + MB01-75 manifolder

The newly designed crankshaft has improved response compared to conventional products by changing the counter shape and timing.

Improved response by reducing the weight of the piston. The connecting rod is also made of OS SPEED to improve durability and reduce troubles.

Cooling Head
The outer head, which pursues cooling performance, has been laser-processed with a new shape and a new design.

Head Button/Combustion Chamber
The newly designed inner head has been redesigned to improve the response in the low to medium speed range and achieve stable power characteristics in the high rpm range.

Carb Venturis
Two types of reducers are included, 6mm (orange) for off-road cars and 7mm (yellow) for GT cars, in order to achieve performance in each race category.

Equipped with a double adjust type 21 J3-1 type slide carburetor that has a reputation for ease of handling and response


  • Displacement: 3.49cc
  • Bore: 16.27mm
  • Stroke: 16.8mm
  • Practical RPM range: 4.000-40.000
  • Maximum output: 2.45ps / 33.000RPM
  • Weight: 381g

Comes standard:

  • Glow plug: P3
  • Carb Venturi Reducer: Resin 6mm (orange) & 7mm (yellow)
  • Exhaust seal ring
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