30615 Kyosho Tomahawk 1/10 Electric 2WD Racing Buggy Kit


■Length 380mm 
■Width 236mm 
■Height 145mm 
■Wheelbase 263mm 
■Tread (F/R) 198mm / 195mm 
■Tire(F/R) F75 x 20mm / F85 x 41mm 
■Gear Ratio H- 6.9:1, L- 8.3:1 
■Weight 905g (approx.) (without R/C radio and batteries) 
■Motor 540 class

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Updated with modern R/C technology, the Spartan design of this pure racing buggy proves its race credentials!

Based on the solid foundation of the Scorpion, the Tomahawk was modified and launched as a pure racing vehicle. On its release, the Tomahawk swept challengers away from Japan and around the world to create a legend that is still remembered by many R/C racers today. In response to many requests from R/C fans, Kyosho is proud to add the Tomahawk as the 3rd Immortal model in the Vintage Series. Incorporating metal parts from the 2014 Scorpion such as the 6061T6 aluminum main frame chassis, forged suspension arms, 2-piece aluminum diecast gearbox with built-in diff gears, the Tomahawk will always be a pure racing machine with its characteristic Spartan double deck. The new Tomahawk is not simply a reproduction of the original machine. Each key component has updated with modern R/C racing technology and power source to product superior circuit performance. Many will appreciate its nostalgic style, but the elimination of radio box to reduce weight and side mounting of the battery for optimal weight distribution sharpens the edge of the Tomahawk for the pure enjoyment of true racing performance.

●Reproduction of Tomahawk that swept races throughout the 1980’s. Each part updated to 2015 specifications.
●Gearbox and oil shocks are pre assembled. (Requires filling with included oil)
●Decals included create vivid color scheme. Side window mesh recreated with decals.
●New rear body stay provides secure mounting of body.
●Front/rear tires recreate the look of original but with optimized block pattern and high grip material.
●Slipper clutch included to protect drive system from rough treatment and can be adjusted to suit various surface conditions.
●Countersunk main frame and use of tapping screws create a flat surface and reduces number of nuts.
●Hex type screws on chassis (except on some parts) add security and work efficiency.
●Compatible with optional parts for Scorpion for customized chassis tuning.
●Blister packaging recreates the original image of the Tomahawk.

Features pre-cut polycarbonate body made from the original Tomahawk body mold. Kit includes driver figure with dust cover.

Basic chassis structure and materials are consistent with the Scorpion, but removal of radio box reduces weight by 80g.

Recreates the Tomahawk’s characteristic double deck radio system mounting. Black FRP upper deck stay updated with inflexible structure.

Servo mounting now secured with screw system for more accuracy and control. (Servo on original model was fixed with double side tape and nylon band.)

Front of lower deck on original model was secured with nylon band. New model is fixed with resin clamp to increase chassis rigidity.

Original heatsink for the mechanical speed controller is no longer used, but the Tomahawk features a chrome finished plastic replica of the original.

Roof light bucket creates scale look and feel, including the light guard that was not included in original model.

Features red anodized aluminum cylinders like the original model with oil shocks and strong stainless steel suspension shafts.

Combination of nylon and sintered alloy in 48-pitch gears realizes high efficiency and low noise. Ball diff for RB can be installed as an option.

●Pre-assembled kit (gearbox and oil shocks are pre-assembled)
●Polycarbonate clear body
●L type hex wrench
●Cross wrench
●Shock wrench
●Shock oil

●2ch, 1-servo R/C system for cars
●540 class motor (30-27 turn recommended)
●ESC compatible with motor installed
●7.2V Ni-MH Battery for chassis
●Battery charger
●Paint for polycarbonate body
●Batteries for transmitter
●Tools (1.5, 2, 2.5mm hex wrench driver)


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