Inferno MP10 30th Anniversary
Limited Edition

With the cutting-edge technology of the MP10 TKI2 as its base, this limited release commemorative model features a range of performance-enhancing optional parts that deliver competitive advantage and superior value.

Each chassis is engraved with a unique serial number and the 30th Anniversary commemorative logo. The design and material of the chassis is the same as the MP10 TKI2.

Like the main chassis, each wheel nut is engraved with the 30th anniversary logo. Due to the compatible size, the engraved wheel nuts are interchangeable with standard wheel nuts. 

The decal set also features the 30th anniversary logo in addition to logos marking the years the Inferno won the World Championship title. These special logos are only available with this commemorative model.

Featuring a center diff combining small diameter case with lightweight spur gear and aluminum bevel shaft, the commemorative model is significantly lighter than the standard specifications and delivers improved throttle response.

While the body is the same as the MP10 TKI2, the commemorative model includes molded resin side mirrors for a visual point of difference to the standard model.

Slitted brake rotor is equipped as standard to provide reliable braking force with reduced weight.

Aluminum parts in the standard model such as shock stays and upper plate have been upgraded to carbon fiber in the commemorative model. Reduced weight lowers the center of gravity for improved cornering characteristics.

Parts such as suspension bushes, front and rear wheels, rear wing, and fuel tank opener, are produced in fluorescent yellow to designate this commemorative model and improve functional visibility.

Rigid aluminum C-shaped front hub carriers and rear hub carriers deliver improved traction. Caster angle of 17.5° produces excellent handling on any road surface.