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IFW474B Al Front Hub...

Optional Parts for the INFERNO MP9 Series.
CNC Machined Aluminum 17.5° Caster Front Hub Carrier.
Realizes more smooth cornering from middle to end of corner, so that improve the cornering speed and consistent.

Price SGD199.66 In Stock

IFW469B Aeration Cap...

Option Parts for INFERNO MP9
Shock cap set to change the existing MP9 damper to aeration type. For 1 car.
Features of the aeration type are excellent in absorbing gap of fine road surface, and improve the grip feeling and advancing force.

Price SGD77.42 In Stock

IF467B Long King Pin Set (MP9)

Long King Pin for MP9 (EP/GP). Essential parts for racing to prevent knuckle arm from dropping during a hard crash. ※Spare/Option parts for MP9 series.

Price SGD14.26 In Stock

MZW38-20B MINI-Z Racing...

Unidirectional edge pattern high-grip tires. Realizes exceptional grip, not just on urethane, but also on carpet surfaces.
■MZW38/10 / MZW38-20 / MZW38-30 / MZW38-40

Price SGD15.14 In Stock