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66608 First Mini-Z Nissan...

●Scale approx. 1/28
●Product size: L164 x D73 x H45 (mm) ● Body
weight: approx . Mode: 7km/h / Racing mode: 10km/h ●Operable distance: approx. 30m ●Frequency: 2.4GHz (12 units can run simultaneously) ●Continuous running time: approx. 60 minutes (when using new alkaline batteries) ●Target age: 6 years old that's all


●Main unit
●2.4GHz controller with stopwatch
●Mini pylons (6 pieces)
●Trim adjuster
●Battery holder


● 2 AA alkaline batteries for the First Minute main unit,
● 2 AA alkaline batteries for the controller

Price SGD70.29 In Stock

TZ005 "Flying Doraemon"

●Body size: φ110 (including rotor) x H89 (mm)
●"Doraemon" body size: W48.8 x H58 x D39.3 (without rotor) (mm)
●Body weight: 19g
●Transmitter size: W116 x H89 x D36 (mm)
Package size: W185 x H245 x D118 (mm)
Target age: 10 years old and over

● "Flying Doraemon" body
● Transmitter
● Instruction manual
● USB cable
● Spare parts Rotor (1 set)
● Paper display stand

Price SGD60.10 In Stock