About us

Our company

This hobby giant has rooted itself well in the Southeast Asian region, having branched into Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It has been successfully tapped into different business areas such as retail, marketing and warehouse services, flourishing greatly over time.

Toykar was first founded in 1978 by two brothers, starting out as a humble toy shop located in Bukit Timah Shopping Center. However, driven to grow further, Toykar succeeded in expanding its business to its current strength. Today, Toykar has an office, retail centre, service centre and warehouse in Singapore, with sales offices in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Toykar is the sole distributor for many R/C brands, in order to cater to a growing community of R/C hobby enthusiasts. The company also actively supports and sponsors the local races, and organizes R/C-related activities for many events in order to serve the community as both store and supporter.

Entering another business era, Toykar aspires to strengthen itself to meet the needs of hobby enthusiasts, a goal consistently accomplished since its modest origins.

As in today Toykar is the distributor for many popular R/C brands such as Kyosho, Futaba, Sanwa, OS Engine, KO Propo, LRP, ProLine Protoform, O'Donnell, Prolux, Seagull Planes and RealFlight. Our main product is remote control car, planes and boat, also collectable Die-cast car model. We do carry other well known brands like GoPro, AR Drone, DJI Phantom, Hotwheels, Maisto, Bburago, Auto Art, and Parrot in our retail outlet in Forum the shopping mall.


We've recently been awarded SMEs ASIA AWARD SINGAPORE 2014/2015!