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82278 Mini Servo KS3031-04M...

■Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
■Size:L35.9mm W15.1mm H28.6mm
■Led Wire:150mm
■Serration:25 / for FUTABA・KYOSHO

・Servo x1
・Horn A x1
・Horn B x1
・Horn C x1
・3x5x1mm Spacer x1
・Screw 2.3x12mm x4
・Screw 2.6x6mmx1

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EFW012 Ride Hight Adjust...

Ride height adjustment spacers for the Fantom EP 4WD and EXT. Can be installed in the front and rear between the axle mount and chassis. Allows 2 different(0.5mm / 1.0mm) lower positions.

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EFW005 Carbon Suspension...

Carbon Front Suspension Arm for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Allows weight reduction and increased rigidity around front parts by replacing FRP upper and lower suspension arms, improves initial steering reaction.

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EFW004 Front Double...

Optional parts for the FANTOM EP 4WD. By replacing 6x15x5mm bearing for wheel shaft with 2pcs 6x10x3mm bearings, reduces shaft vibration and friction loss. Gold anodized finish Bearing Holder. 2 sets included.

Price SGD26.49 In Stock

EFW003 SP Rear Wheel...

Clamp Type Rear Wheel Hub for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Lightweight gold anodized hub & collar set. Prevents damage to shaft due to core deviation and screws.

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EFW002 Carbon Gear...

Lightweight Carbon Rear Shaft for the FANTOM EP 4WD. Improves throttle response by lighter rotating parts. The screw part at tip of differential side is assembled with aluminum parts by factory. Recommended to use with EFW003.

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EFW001G Wing(Gold/FANTOM...

Polycarbonate Wing with gold anodize Wing Holder for FANTOM EP 4WD. Improves rear tire grip by installing it, and stability of straight running and cornering at high speed range are also improved.

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