08047EW 1:18 scale Shelby Cobra 427 S/C ESSEX WIRE No. 91 KYOSHO ORIGINAL

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The refined AC Cobra’s attractive open body in the 1960’s British sports car style was powered by a large-displacement American V8 engine. Unbound by electronic control, the AC Cobra produced breathtaking power for a dynamic driving experience not found in modern cars. More than 10 companies still reproduce replicas of this motoring masterpiece, but the original was manufactured from 1962 to 1967 (through 1969 in Europe and USA). The most formidable model was the AC Shelby Cobra 427 which featured a 7ℓ OHV with standard spec 425ps and competition spec 485ps engine, plus a reinforced body to handle the extra power. Double-wishbone undercarriage with front & rear over fenders extended the width by 175mm, adding to the Cobra’s already aggressive stance. Unable to receive homologation by the deadline, the Shelby works team was unable to enter racing competition however, its dynamic 12-second Quarter Mile runs were first class and the swinging tail ‘snake dash’ captivated speed junkies everywhere. The 427 S/C is a competition model that has been detuned and equipped with a front window shield for public roads making it a popular collector’s model all over the world, not just for its speed and power, but also its rarity.


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